Blachere innovation: BIOPRINT the new eco-responsible material
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Blachere innovation: BIOPRINT the new eco-responsible material



2020. 04. 21

The first recyclable and biodegradable structures
Having been the first company to take LEDs mainstream, we are now revolutionising the design of our illumination structures with our Bioprint invention: an innovative biodegradable material. These decorations are then recycled, like our garlands and electrical components.
Bioprint comes from biosourced and GMO-free sugar cane, which is then turned into dehydrated bioethanol at a French laboratory.
When the granules arrive at our workshops in Apt, France, they are dyed with our own colours and the material is then injected into our 3D printers which produce colourful, biodegradable and recyclable structures.
A process that generates no waste at the manufacturing stage and allows total recyclability of the motif at the end of its life, thanks to the grinding of the frame in a form of granules.

This new material allows us to remove more than 80% of aluminium on our 2D motifs, which has a considerable impact on our carbon footprint. Indeed, the bioprint manufacturing process emits 10 times less CO2 than aluminium.

As well as being eco-friendly, this innovation means we can design highly creative and colourful structures that are just as stunning at night as they are during the day and do not leave any trace on the natural environment.

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