It all started in 1973, in Apt, when Jean-Paul Blachère lit up his first street.

The locals’ smiles and reactions confirmed that lighting has a unique magical power.

Lighting became his profession that he pursued with fervour, creating a unique know-how and heritage that he loved to pass on. For 50 years, we have been designing, creating and producing decor and illuminations in over 80 countries across the globe with as much enthusiasm as that very first day.

Refined creativity

In order to respond with creativity and common sense to the new challenges posed by energy-saving needs and ecological issues, we continually design and produce ingenious solutions and tools. 80% of our 2D decorations are made using eco-virtuous materials.

Blachere lights up the world thanks to its international network

400 employees worldwide
120 employees in Apt site
1.000 illuminated cities
150 countries decorated
26 branches
500 shopping centres
6000 bespoke decorations
50,000 standard decorations

Face each challenge together

Today we have more than 30 dedicated designers in France who create our decor down to the last detail.

Whether traditional or contemporary, they design and draw up decor ideas for cities and spaces, coming up with a hundred or so new ideas each year. 60 people work every day in our workshops, with more than 120 during busy periods. From metalwork to the most intricate wiring, more than 6,000 custom-made installations take shape in our workshops every year.


Our subsidiaries around the world


    The foundation

    Created in 2003 by Jean-Paul Blachère, the Blachere foundation focuses on contemporary art. The foundation supports nearly 200 artists from the African continent and the diaspora.

    Located in the heart of our premises in the Vaucluse region of France, the foundation is based on a system of ethical and aesthetic values and regularly hosts artists in residence and exhibitions.
    Each year, the foundation receives nearly 18,000 visitors, about 4,000 students and gives nearly 150 artisans in Africa the opportunity to express their creativity. We also organize creative workshops in Africa and Europe and participate in the major African biennales.

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    The boutik

    The boutik offers ethnic-inspired decorations for sale with a wide choice of handicrafts and products by African artists from fair trade.

    The bookstore invites you to discover a wide selection of books about Africa, art books, children’s literature and novels. The gallery offers for sale a selection of original works by emerging and experienced African artists.

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    The Showroom

    We open our showroom, based in Apt with the workshops, for a magical tour over more than 300m2.

    Every year our new collections or our latest innovations are presented to visitors in our showroom. In addition to this unique tour, our customers are invited to visit our workshops and follow the manufacturing process of our decorations from the design step to the production step.

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    Home&Garden range

    For light has this special gift for enhancing every kind of place, we offer a wide range of bright ideas for decorating homes, gardens, parties and events as well as decorations to truly transform everyday life.

    Always on the lookout for the latest trends and original objects to renew interiors.
    We provide our customers with the possibility to create their own structures in Bioprint just recently. They can choose the colors and words.

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