Blachere Illumination

Champs-Elysées 2022

We believe that illuminations bring more than just light to urban areas and living spaces

We believe in their power to amaze, to enlighten and to create fairytales. The way we design and develop our illuminations incorporates those qualities in every detail. We are committed to produce items of quality whilst doing our utmost to protect both the environment and humanity. Goodwill and an ethical approach are at the heart of our company’s beliefs and can be found in all our projects worldwide.
We are Blachere and we have been producing illuminations with care and passion for 45 years.

Our Activities

Our Activities

Today, we are more than 400 people all around the world committed to change everyday life for the better. Whether designed for capitals, villages, cities, shopping centers, parks, monuments etc. our projects reflect our creativity and our ability to invent increasingly innovative decorations and solutions. We want to create beautiful pieces all over the world, for sure, but keeping in mind one of our top priorities: ecoresponsibility. Half of our research and development budget is allocated to eco-responsible innovations. We make every effort to limit the impact of our products to protect the planet and this marks just the beginning of our pursuit of ecoresponsibility.

Our branches around the world

Blachere illuminates the world thanks to its 28 subsidiaries. Each country has its own traditions and culture. For us, learning about the DNA of each place and respecting it is vital, to best carry out, not only magnificent, but coherent projects. For the stakes and desires are not the same in Mexico, Sweden or Germany, we match each challenge with the perfect team to help you set up illuminations from the first contact.


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