VLOG #6 Giant Whales in PORT BARCARES
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VLOG #6 Giant Whales in PORT BARCARES


2022. 09. 29



Have you seen the giant whales by the sea in Barcarès?

They also have a turtle friend who shares the same goal: to collect plastic bottles to be turned into #Recyprint, the sustainable material we use to decorate different towns!

This 6th VLOG is all about SUSTAINABILITY, a theme that is very close to our hearts. As a member of the Entreprendre pour la Planète Club from WWF France, we are proud to contribute to the protection of marine ecosystems.
We support the BREATHING LIFE BACK INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN project, which is working to study and protect great cetaceans from plastic pollution in the seas and oceans.

It was a pleasure to visit the Pyrénées-Orientales!