Blachère has been using its illumination know-how in France for over 40 years.

When Blachère illumination was set up in 1973, Jean-Paul Blachere and his colleagues were inventing a profession, know-how and a signature all of their own. We now come up with projects for more than 150 countries, working from France.

Our 19 subsidiaries all fly the flag for our créative work in Europe, Asia and America. The company really is a dream come true, emerging from a family tradition and we are moving forward driven by aesthetic, environmental, economic and digital diversity…

There are amazing pieces leaving our workshops every year, evidence of our position as the traditional leader on the lighting market


The company really is a dream come true, emerging from a family tradition which now stretches back 40 years, which is why it cannot be ignored.

Its rich history, firmly rooted in the region it calls home, the Pays d’Apt, has a lot to do with this, and our company shares its DNA with the people who run it, our own family.

Our Studio in Paris

Delivering customer experience is at the heart of developpement.

Blachère supports its clients by designing and delivering unique customer experiences using light to inspire and draw attention and promote involvement. From fashion creations with top designers to collaboration with contemporary artists, our ideas inspire and delight customers in search of memorable experiences.


Africa has taught us a lot.

“The company is a place where one can make amends for injustices, give Africa another image, put forward its creative image, draw lessons for waste management, water management, consumption methods.” Jean-Paul Blachère

For 10years, Blachere Foundation has been working in the field of contemporary art the and has accompanied around 200 artists from the African continent and the diaspora.
The presence of residential artists and exhibitions is the driving force behind a state of mind based on creation and open-mindedness.”
Each year, the Blachère Foundation is receiving more than 4 000 school children and the number of annual visitors reached 18,000.
The Blachère Foundation offers work to around 150 artisans in Africa thanks to its Boutik space.

A sustainable business

Blachère takes a long term business view and we are focussed on creating a sustainable business with a secure future for our staff, customers, suppliers and local communities.
Over its 40 year history Blachère has developed a strong company culture and ethical values demonstrated by its involvement in social, cultural and environmental programmes around the world, from reforestation campaigns in Peru to financial and educational support to contempary artists in Africa