Tam-Tam Colors
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Tam-Tam Colors



2020. 07. 08

Tap and play with light!

The game consists of 4 electrically connected Tam-Tams of different heights and colours and offers the public an interactive entertaining light show: At the start of the game, one of the Tam-Tams lights up and plays a musical note. The player must then press the Tam-Tam that has just lit up within a fairly short time period.The game repeats the same colour and the same sound, then randomly adds a new colour. The player must then reproduce this new sequence.

And so on, the sequences are linked together and become more complex. If the player gets through the 10 levels successfully, the Tam-Tams play a truly amazing “Bonus” light melody!
These decorations can be used alone or connected to our illuminations.


How does it work?

For the public: The player stands in front of the Tam-Tams on the area marked with footprints. All they have to do is tap one of the Tam-Tams to trigger the game session and follow the easy instructions. For the city: The Tam-Tams are self-supporting, just connect them electrically and secure them (with ballast, fix to the ground or guarding). The Tam-Tam sounds can be turned off or set to a defined time slot.

To synchronise use of Tam-Tams with our illuminations, the configuration of your installations is carried out very simply by our dedicated teams, within our Blachere workshops