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Play Colors



2020. 07. 02

Change the colour of the illuminations!

Play Colors is a smartphone application that allows the public to control the colour and the animation of the illuminations in their city or shopping centre during a play session. Changing the colour of the garlands with just one click, launching comets of light with their fingertips, making the lights pulse to a rhythm like a heartbeat by tapping the screen of their smartphone… these are just some of the games available on this app. The Selfie mode allows the user to immortalise this experience in front of the illuminations and share the results on social media, so inviting their friends to come and try it themselves.


How does it work?

For the public, the principle is very simple: The user downloads the app to their smartphone and goes to the location of the illuminations. They choose their play area and start a session. They can then share their gaming experience or selfie on social media.

For the city: The city decks trees or covers the facades of buildings with RGB garlands and control boxes (see refs below). The Play Colors app is tailormade for our customers by our Blachère R & D teams. Together with you, we identify the different play areas in the city or the shopping centre and develop a fully personalised smartphone app with the logo of your choice. The success of this app depends on your own communications via urban signage or posts on your social networks promoting the interactive game for both children and adults, as widely as possible. We can assist you in setting up your communications.

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