As a major global player in the marketplace, Blachère has the resources and infrastructure to deliver projects of the highest quality.

You can rely on Blachère to deliver on its promises and make things happen for you year after year. We deliver the whole package: from creative design to installation and storage, we create and deliver complete illumination concepts with an unrivalled service.



Creative products delivered with confidence

Blachère have unrivalled products demonstrating creativity and innovation. The product quality is second to none. The Blachère studio is continuously developing new ideas and creative solutions to bring you the very best illuminations for your city or shopping centre.


Creativity, quality, adaptability and reactivity are the specific characteristics of Blachere Illumination compared to its foreign competitors.
Thanks to the highly pro-active work of our Research and Development department, BLACHERE uniquely offers so many technological innovations for festive lighting each year.
Today, the BLACHERE “intelligent” range includes cubes, balls, tubes, panels, ramps, projectors, and so on, and resolves any lighting decoration problem, whatever the substrate to be lit.