Blachère Projections

Because architectural, museum and cultural heritage is a tourist attraction and a major economic asset for a community, it makes real sense to set up an event that uses “Video Mapping” technology.
Blachere Events is part of these innovating actors in the field of live performance, audio-visual communication and organisation of unique, magic, ephemeral or perennial events.

On a city council facade, a classified building, a castle, a cathedral or any other type of building, we imagine an astonishing visual scenography according to requirements specification beforehand established, for a festive moment (Christmas Season, Festival, Concert) or for celebrations (Anniversaries, Historical Events, Enthronement, Opening and Closing ceremony).
Inauguration of building or for an urban requalification (work memory of a district), launch evening, advertising spot, etc.…

On the creative side, our teams produce 3D films by using the codes of the Seventh Art. Writing of a scenario, assembly of animated or filmed graphic sequences, adapted sound creations, sound effects and infography with the will, according to the set of themes, to bring an emotion to our works projected in a monumental way.
The video mapping can be carried out inside or outside to recreate virtual spaces in living rooms, showrooms, hotels, shop windows to display in a dynamic way what a PLV cannot do.

Our expertise is extended to the medical and wellness area with the possibility of arranging dedicated projection spaces into Ephads, Spa and relaxation institutes, for targeted groups.

Nicolas Baben – +33 (0) 6 70 65 99 41 –

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