Innovation cities


Integrate PLAYMAGIC Augmented reality to your illuminations!
Offer your visitors a whole world of games combining virtual and real worlds for an extraordinary entertainment experience !

The concept is simple:
A universe of interactive 3D games featuring our virtual Blachere characters is superimposed over your lighting displays via an easy-to-use mobile app, inspired by the town, accessed by scanning the marker placed among the illuminations!

The game mobile app proposed is subscription-based during the illuminations period, with games updates each year.

Benefits of this service:
Offer your visitors a uniquely entertaining experience there by promoting an image of the town as being connected, innovative and ahead of the game.
Boost your festive illuminations by attracting more and more visitors and bringing the town centre to life.
Create a buzz! The app is stamped with the town’s logo and connected to social media, ensuring greater web presence and making your posts reach a wider audience. 

Free PR for the town, aiming to increase the number of visitors.
Visitors scan the QR code with their mobile the target on the marker situated opposite lighting motifs. The marker is completely autonomous, easy to set up and doesn’t need any connection.
Free public access to the interactive games application stamped with the logo of the town, the app will only work in the area surrounding the illuminations.
Before, the town will have choosen number of available games and illuminations areas where visitors will be able to live the augmented reality experience.
Users can share their photos on social medias increasing web presence of your illuminations projects and ensuring free advertising.